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03 August 2009


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i dunno. perhaps Carletto feels that we need our holding player to have better distribution?

It's not Mikel's strongest suit, but would seem harsh on him if pirlo came in and took his place imho

I don't agree with Pirlo coming into Chelsea at all. We don't need him for any reason what so ever. What happened to Mikel and Essien? Besides, Belletti can still play in a DM role. If you ask me we need a creative player up front and if Zhirkov can be properly utilised he can provide great passes for the team!

How old was Makelele when he came to Chelsea? I think people felt he was towards the end of his career but he served Chelsea very well during his time there. I feel Pirlo is of the same mold as Makelele and would provide us with a defending type that can neutralize players like Gerrard and Fabregas in big games. Not to mention the experience he adds from playing in tons of big games, and the added benefit of being pretty good at free kicks. Initially I was not a fan of this idea, but the more I think of how valuable a DM that can neutralize scoring midfielders, I like the idea more and more.

Welcome to the blog Isaac - thanks for your comment.

I have to say Michael I'm obviously with Isaac on this one. Pirlo is obviously a quality player - but surely Mikel and/ or Essien are going to be just as adept at breaking up opposition play? I suspect Pirlo will be signed (or is being signed) more because of his playmaking abilities.

You're right about Maka though. He joined when he was 30, and had plenty of football left in him. Perhaps I shouldn't rule Pirlo out on the basis of age so soon.

Oh - and there's a great youtube video of Pirlo doing a crossbar challenge from just outside the penalty box. Hits the bar about 7 times out of 10 or something ridiculous, look it up. So you're right about him from the deadball...

If Pirlo's as good as Makele then he obviously he's not a bad player (haven't seen enough of him myself to judge). However even if this is true, we already have two players (who are for once young) developing into this role - Essien and Mikel. For a young kid, Mikel's amazing in this role - it's typically something that players grow into as they mature physically and mentally. Have to say I think the priority should be elsewhere. The diamond's a disastrous idea, we need to get some quality width going on. Priority has to be a world-class winger / striker who comes off the wing. Buying Pirlo to add to a central midfield that already includes Ballack, Lampard, Deco, Belletti, Essien and Mikel (along with others who could play there such as Cole) is surely insane?

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