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28 August 2009


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Im a dane who watched APOEL in both their matches against FC Copenhagen.

To be honest, they are a very very weak side. Their attack is their main force, and when they play to their very best, they have some flair and creativity.
Their defense however, is extremely vulnerable. They are heavy and clumbsy, and poorly organised. This makes them vulnerable to set pieces and through balls.
They do have an impressing home crowd. Not Fenerbahce-impressing, but still great.

Beating FC Copenhagen and Partizan is indeed impressing. I dont know what happend i Serbia, but the danish media describes the exit of FCK as possibly the biggest scadal to danish club-football i recent history.

I would be more scared of meeting Crystal Palace than this side, and im not kidding. They are really really awful.

JBH - thanks very much for the post and welcome to the blog!

Great to have some first hand insight! Also good to hear that we may at least have a couple of easier games. I'd heard that APOEL do have good away support - with the good weather over there, it could maybe be a good away day...

So what happened in the Copenhagen games?

I just read what JBH said about the FCK match against the cypriots and i think that he was propably watching a different match or he just talk as a FCK fan. Well im an Aalborg & Chelsea fan and frankly speaking the cypriot side could score whenever they want during the second leg. They scored their 3rd goal at 40' and then they were mostly defending. BUT they did that succesfully and that's the reason why FCK didn't make it too score a goal in the rest 50' to qualify. So how r their defence vulnerable? FCK just scored 2 goals in 180' against them and on previous round partizan scored only 1. Anw, speaking as a Chelsea fan now, im sure that we ll get them, but i won't be surprized if they grap few points from porto.

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