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26 August 2009


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What a load of rubbish. You've just copied this story from another site, who incidentally got it from a paper that had no source whatsoever. More time wasting bullshit being printed

Just a quick note regarding that comment: nothing from this post was copied from any other website, although of course the source of the story (ie. the Daily Mail) was referenced in the first line.

Other than that, I'll assume Paul that you're a Liverpool fan and think he's on nothing like £140k.... But I could be reading you wrong.

Dont be an absolute monkey gerrard and torres dont get that. Anyone who puts worth in a daily mail story should be ridiculed. Its a worthless Nazi rag.

are you on crack?

i do quite like Glen Johnson but to pay him that sort of wages would have been ridicules, he doesnt deserve it, he might be good but to pay him more then torres or even close to him is an insult and a bad decision on the managers part, as ive noticed through time the daily mail is one of the worst places to obtain any truthfull information (i still like to read the rumurs even if they are all made up though)

It never ceases to amaze me what absolute rubbish some supposedly intelligent people will believe!

MikeW - I hope you're not suggesting the poster has intelligence.

Your whole arguement loses any degree of reality with this one line...

"especially when compared to the rock solid Ferreira"

Ha ha!

Sorry, the comment on this site is normally a cut above many others but you have let yourself down with this post. Irrespective of believing the Daily Mail (or any paper) the concept that a footballer's wage in these days of performance payments, trophy bonuses, sponsorship and image rights can be described as a per week sum is laughable. Many payments are not made or known until some time after the event as numbers get calculated, audited and argued over etc. In 3 years time if Liverpool win every trophy in sight, Johnson plays 87 games, scores 50 goals and sells a million shirts, then there may be enough information to divide by 52 to get a "weekly" wage and it may well be £140k but if all that happened then it would have been worth it.

No player in the world is worth this much money per week and this shows perfectly how football is "contaminated" with money today. Thank you, Abramovich, for starting the "contamination". You have destroyed football forever!

Stransreason - thanks for your post and reasoned argument. I think you're probably right, there's a lot of nonsense that's talked about weekly pay packets that's hides the real picture.

And I 100% agree on the Daily Mail. Haven't bought the paper in my life. But just because it's a deplorable paper in some ways doesn't mean that everything it says that you don't like isn't true. Plus, Martin Samuel writes for them and he's pretty much the most interesting sports journalist out there. Saying all that, I should have qualified that just just because the Mail is saying this doesn't mean it's DEFINITELY true.

Oh and Rich - if you genuinely don't think Ferreira wasn't a very capable right back then clearly you didn't watch him play. Right backs don't need to do anything special - they just need to be solid defensively and get up and down the right. Ferreira did that. We all hate Gary Neville but he's in the same vein...

He is not on anything like that figure. Gerrard and Torres are only on £120,000 so I highly doubt we would be paying Johnson 20k more than them.

jesus, you liverpool fans take things a bit seriously don't you?!

you're criticisng the poster for being unintelligent (when he was actually relatively positive about Johnson even though he was a bit average at Chelsea) but there isn't too much of it going around here.

i do agree though that's its a little unlikely that he's on that much each week. still, we all choose to read what bits of the gossip columns we pay attention to, Chelsea fans included

In response to:

"No player in the world is worth this much money per week and this shows perfectly how football is "contaminated" with money today. Thank you, Abramovich, for starting the "contamination". You have destroyed football forever!"

I'm pretty sure Liverpool aren't contaminated with money. They're skint!

And Glenda is definately on £140K a week. My Mum's hairdressers paperboy told me!

The local Paper the Echo stated it was 70k a week. A well informed source so its total nonsense (unless of course you really believe we would pay him more than Gerrard and Torres.

I think it matters very little what amount he is making, or anyone else at 'pool for that matter, as they quite obviously are not challenging anyone for anything this year!

@@@@Stanstreason how did abramovich ruin football? other clubs were paying £30mill+ for players years before abramo came to chelsea, so perhaps you should be informed before throwing remarks everywhere...... henran crespo joined a club for 30mill, think was either parma or lazio. Man u payed leeds 29 mill for r.ferdinand. and i'm sure similar figures were like this for figo and buffon. and we are talking back in 200 for some of these. so your comment was unimformed and pointless.
in relations to the post i don't think he is on anything near 140k, half that would be more reasonable

whether johnson is worth such amount of money depend on these questions:

was he sleeping in his former club when they were almost relegated?

was contribution has he made in Everton during his stay?

was he sleeping when liverpool lost 2 matches in 3 games.
my brother,stop enviness and support leading team.chelsea will not bid for johnson that we sent packing few years ago.
up chelsea!

look at the number of liverpool fans taking offence! deary me, i think you'd all kill yourselves if you had to put up with a fraction of the rubbish that chelsea fans are forced to endure from these tabloids.

as for glen johnson: never rated him, never will. outstanding going foward, but he'd have trouble marking a parked car if he were asked to.

i cant wait to face liverpool this year... i envisage some absolute pwnage taking place.

their defence is uncharacteristically poor - and thats pretty hard to fathom considering ofcourse that hardly any of your on-field personnel are invested in attacking roles.

yes, thats a convoluted way of saying liverpool are shite in attack..and yes, i did insult your team. what are you bin-dippers going to do about it? rob my house perhaps? shag a goat out of frustration? sing you'll never walk alone while robbing a house and shagging a pet goat? no? ;)

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