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17 August 2009


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In my opinion chelsea need to position 4 lampard the chelsea need thaat position drible player

I think it's a very difficult call this year. Whilst my heart says Chelsea, my head's saying Man Utd. A good start for Arsenal, but I think they will fall away as the season progresses. They play some lovely football, but when it goes wrong we're still not sure that they have a plan b. Liverpool are not quite good enough, too reliant on Torres, and will miss Alonso (witness their performance against Spurs). So that just leaves us and Utd. I'm a bit of a pessimist in general, but I think that Chelsea aren't quite there yet. We're going to take a while to settle in, figure out our new system, and I think that could cost us a few games at the start of the league. By that logic, the only possible winner is (I'm afraid) Man U...

bit of a slow start from the boys on saturday, but I'm sure we'll come good!

chelsea 1st, utd 2nd, man city 3rd, liverpool 4th and arsenal 5th

Man Utd will NOT win it, I'm sure about that. If i am honest i have to say that i think that Chelsea's closest challengers will be Arsenal. I don't think you can ever say that Arsenal have lost this player or that player, it is not the players that win games for Arsenal, it is Arsene Wenger and the system he teaches his youngsters.

Take any kid, send him to Wenger, and within 18 months he will be able to slot in when someone else is injured.

As far as i am concerned, Adebayor was a bad apple in the team, and i think Wenger would have happily accepted £10m for him if crazy Man City hadn't come in with a silly bid. And Toure also tried to engineer a departure last Xmas, so Wenger has got a happier, more loyal team than last season (and slightly older too!.

Eduardo is a big plus having recovered from his broken leg. He has played two games (one for Croatia, one very short appearance against Everton) and has scored in both games. He is a goal machine. If he stays fit i will tip him to be top scorer next season, not just for Arsenal, but in the Premiership. Rosicky is also brilliant, but i'm not so sure he has really recovered, so i won't make him a big advantage for the Gunners.

Fabregas, Van Persie and Arshavin are all superstars in my opinion, and if these three and Eduardo can stay fit i really believe the Gunners can beat anyone in the world, except Chelsea of course!

So Chelsea and Arsenal to fight it out for the title, with Man Utd a clear third. Liverpool and Man City can fight it out for fourth. And i hope City get it!

My prediction is:

1. Chelsea
2. ManU
3. Arsenal
4. Man City
5. Liverpool

I do think we have the fire power to win. The only question in my mind is will Ancelotti rest key players in order to win Roman's European Trophy. Milan have a history of resting key players in league matches to win CL games at the tradeoff of winning league games. The last factor is of course who stays healthy.

chelsea will win the premanship.......

blues 4 life.

liverpool will win

i dint want the dvd stuff you can keep it

I hate to do predictions, don't like to count me chickens. What I will say is, we've got as good as chance as anyone.

I whole heartedly believe that chelsea finally have a manager who is going to whip them into shape enough to take the title. I also think that the way that the diamond is being played is fantastic although i was sceptical at first i have been converted that it is a good idea. the way they played at sunderland yesterday was nothing short of sublime. CHELSEA for the title!

While obviously you cant really tell that much from pre season friendlies and the first match of the season although we are looking impressive .

I do think that Chelsea are much much stronger now and can go all the way, as long as the new diamond formation shines brightly and works well for them,very well.

In addition,the team needs to learn and learn well the lessons from the mistakes of the past few seasons.Stay completely focussed, confident, work creatively together as a solid highly organised,disciplined and motivated team and not tolerate one inch of sloppiness,indiscipline,dichord or complacency.

With Arsenal and Tottenham a close 2nd and 3rd and Liverpool 4th and Manchester who?

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