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19 October 2009


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George Christopoulos

Have faith to Carlo Ancelotti.He is born winner. This will be the greatest season for Chelsea.


i agree with you bridgeview..100%...
like you...i wondering when carlo want make a sub to change the flow of game that will give us advantages against villa....

if special one was there....no doubt he will make the sub early than last 10 minute like what carlo did....

Michael Hepp

I think we have lost at Aston Villa for the past 3 years. I can't remember for sure but I know that we do not have the best record there. It is always a bogey ground for us.

That being said, defensively there are certainly causes for concern. Too many times this season it seems someone is running around unmarked and we give up goals we shouldn't. It drives me crazy.

I also think that possibly the players and Ancelotti where looking forward to this weeks CL game and this was game that was overlooked after the big Liverpool game and the CL upcoming. Classically teams will overlook games like this one when it is sandwiched between big games like this. It is not an excuse, but rather an observation.


you've hit the nail on the head, i agree with everything you've said but i have been critised for this thinking on other sites, one of the substitutions as you said was a straifg swap so really meant nothing, bringing on joey was too little too late, some one made a point on another site "how can we practise set pieces when we have no one who can beat the 1st defender

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