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01 November 2010


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Paul W13

Huzzah! Welcome back!

J Spencer

I for one missed your sensible, long-winded and tediously-wordy posts. Welcome back.


Just checked the site on the off chance there was an update - Result!
Very happy that you are back, look forward to the analysis.


I'm not even a chelsea fan but yes its very good to have you back :)


Hi mate, welcome back to the real world lol!
I was worried we'd lost you forever!


Thanks all for the comments. Now to keeping it going...


You never knows how many people you have kept in the dark for so long...glas u are back


Good to see you back!


Just came across this blog. nice one. Thought I'd also let you know my mate has set up a new site called colourdna.com. Bit confusing but its effectively a bunch of fan pages and the person who creates the page is given super fan status. Someone's taken Chelsea, Osgood and Drogba but load of Chelsea greats still not on there....check it out, sorry for bit of a plug, keep up good work.


Got back here on accident and I'm delighted that you're back. I definitely miss some tediously-wordy posts and I'm looking forward to reading your analyses.Hope you will be able to post once in a month
PS I'd appreciate you writing something about Anelka's transformation from a striker to a "creator" and Mikel's revelation.

John Hailstone

welcome back, its been a while, get those long winded posts flowing


Just checked back in on the offchance...and you're back! Great to hear from you again

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