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22 November 2010


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Great article. I was just thinking about this last night actually. A pure tactician can still lead a club to great things, and I think be happy/satisfied in his position -- as long as he knows exactly what his position is. Coming to Chelsea, Carlo had to know he wasn't going to have total control (not even Jose got that). But like you said, he still needs to have freedom to BE a tactician. Replacing his right hand man without consulting him can be nothing but detrimental. That's a choice that should be left to Carlo, IMO.

Here's hoping the Chelsea board can get this sorted out before they drive Carlo away. Besides Hiddink, I think we will be hard-pressed to find someone the players respect. Carlo has done very well with the cards played him. Right now, with injuries and suspensions and the rest of the turmoil, he's just had a bad run.

But I have faith, in the end, Chelsea will prevail. KTBFFH!


Loving the updates - I can't keep up!
Also, great article.


To me it seems that Ancelotti is ignoring the chosen right hand man and relying on the 1st team coach, or is it the reserves coach? I always get confused. I really think the worst is over though. Unless Bruma is awful. A lot depends on him right now. I'm pretty impressed by everything other than our shooting.


Nice article and well written... :)

Steve Coker

Some of the best articles on CFC are on this site.

A great shame that nothing has been produced recently. I hope it's not the end of blog.



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There is no way a manager can coach the team and scout players. It's way too much work. Teams need to have an executive who oversees international scouting, domestic scouting and youth development and a manager who coaches the team.

Chelsea is clearly lacking in the executive portion. You don't need to go buy the best known player in an elite league if you can find a good player in a lesser known league or at a smaller club. And Chelsea's development of youth is still lacking despite the best efforts of Chelsea. What I'd give to have the old West Ham youth system!


nyc one:)

here's my views on liverpool torres transfer saga


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