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17 June 2009


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I would really REALLY hope their reputation has absolutely no bearing on referee's decisions on the pitch.

It'd be nice to see FIFA take into account the ref's inexcusable blunders when doling out penalties to completely legitimate reactions to such heinous calls (and non-calls.)

Russell Saunders

Pete - so would I. But whilst the wider reputation of the club probably doesn't have a direct impact on refereeing decisions, I think it can have an indirect impact in other ways. Thinking about it though, i suppose the recent stories about Chelsea players being pictured diving in anti-cheating films shown by uefa to their referees does throw ovrebo's decisions into new light..

You're right about ovrebo. Referees are never made accountable. Think I'll post on this topic tomorrow

Michael Hepp

I think the penalty is pretty fair. 2 is maybe a bit much for Bosingwa but fine, whatever.

Personally, I still upset about the whole thing. I know I should get over it, but to me it highlights how bad the referee situation is getting. Nobody seems to be talking about that. Not only for Chelsea but I think the referees have been consistently been getting worse over the last 2-3 years. I have talked about this with other people and generally I find that people agree. If I were Czar, UEFA would apologize for the poor performance of the referees. The game is over, the result etched in stone, but I as a fan of the game would like to see them stand up and say, "there were some missed calls, sorry, we'll try to do better. " And leave it at that.

Maybe I'm crazy.


Michael - I totally agree with you. I don't why it's beyond UEFA to admit that the referee made errors. Don't know if you read UEFA's report of the Chelsea/Barca match on their website - it did not even mention that we had any penalty appeals turned down. It was as though they pretended it didn't happen. This is a disgrace. Having said that, there is a danger that the way we behaved that night (understandably) and the way I think we're going to react to the punishment, is going to distract people's attention from the real issue - bad refereeing.

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