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24 August 2009


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I thought Ballack was trash...Countless inaccurate long balls after another...

Russell Saunders

Hi Ph0bolus, thanks for your comment and welcome to the blog.

I've been frustrated with Ballack occasionally. On song I think he's still one of the best out there, but occasionally he seems to play 'blind' passes that stand almost no chance of finding another blue shirt.

Not sure he was that bad on Saturday though...


If Lampard playing farther forward draws defenders off of Drogba and Anelka and allows them to score more goals, then it's all good.

It's a bit like Sheva's first year here - yes, he didn't score much, but it's no coincidence that Drogba finished with 30 goals.

Michael Hepp

I agree Mikel played better. Much better in fact. I was impressed. My only issue is I want him to be more consistent week in and week out. If he is able to do that we have a chance in all competitions.

And as for Ralph Kelley's comments in the Telegraph, I am very happy to hear comments like that. I believe that is exactly what people said about Man U 2 years ago (European and Premier League championship season). They played winning football, not always beautiful but an efficient winning machine.

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