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05 August 2009


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I would welcome "El Kun" specially after the loss of Di Santo and the fact that Drogba is going to be out of CL on 3 macthes....

I would say no to David,and no to Pirlo....why Ancelotti insists so much with Pirlo?? he is 30 and we alredy have an ageing team. The smartest think to do is to find young players from 20-25, for the midfield, attack and defense. But i guess that Roman and Ancelotti are too busy looking for "OLD TALENTS".

Gochelsea - thanks v much for your comment and welcome to the blog!

You're so right about needing a forward especially because of missing Drog for 3 CL matches. It's going to get worse in the new year too - we'll be missing both Drogba and Kalou upfront for around a month because of the African Cup of Nations (and Essien too of course).

I think we need to have some faith in Ancelotti. During his time at Milan he did well and rarely splashed out big cash to do it. Milan has the habit of selling players at their peak (ie. Shevchenko, Kaka) and taking a chance on players that many believe are towards the end of their career (ie. Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Beckham). I consider him a pretty thrifty head man. Beckham would give us what we all want .... width. He certainly is not an everyday player but he would be an asset in big games. I am not opposed to the idea of either Pirlo or Beckham. I very seriously doubt either will happen, but if they did I would be alright.

I think dumping Deco for an younger striker is a BRILLIANT idea. I don't think Deco's build is well suited for the English game and he is a ticking time bomb for an injury. I have not been impressed by Deco and I was really hoping he would be good for us.

Michael - glad we agree on deco! Not sure I'll be convinced re beckham though, although guess players like drog who are good on the air might appreciate his crosses. Just think he's too slow these days for the PL.

You're right, carlo did do well with an ageing squad, although i think his league record might have been better. Plus of course, it sounds like at least some of his signings were probably forced on him.

Interesting point though, think there's an article on ancelotti's transfer history. Will look into it!

Just heard that Pirlo will DEFINITELY not join Chelsea. Hope it's true.Anyway, we need Aguerro or Pato up front to help Drogba and Anelka!

ice_zik - welcome to the blog. You're right - Berlusconi announced last night that he wouldn't be moving. Pirlo's spoken out on it to, saying he's happy to be staying put.

Would say it's 90% likely not to happen now, but stranger things happened...

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