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21 September 2009


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sick of big 4 dominance

And the English league takes yet another step towards being more predictable than the Scottish league, as only 4 clubs are capable of winning any trophies/CL football and officials do all they can to keep said big 4 in their positions, as the Chelsea/Spurs and Man Utd/Man City games proved.

Russell Saunders

Sick of...thanks for your comment, appreciate the perspective.

Have to disagree though (but then, I would, wouldn't I?). Spurs started excellently this season, Man City will do well and Everton and Villa have pushed the 4th place team hard for the last few years. The 'big four' is on the verge of extinction - it might last one more year, but I reckon one of those teams will break in during 10/11.

And re. the referee decision making thing - it was one penalty. If Spurs fans really think that one penalty was the difference between getting something from the game or not, they're kidding themselves (all fans do that, me included, i'm not pointing the finger). If Spurs players hadn't missed chances or failed to pick up Drogba (to pick out just two examples) the score might have been different. One missed penalty on its own isn't enough to get upset, in my view. Chelsea scored three...


Had the penalty been given, Carvalho been sent off and Keane scored it (which he always does) the momentum would have turned Tottenham's way. But Webb either bottled it or is just an awful ref, I suspect the latter.

So the decision made a heck of a difference Russell.

Russell Saunders

Tom - as I've said on my latest post, I can't agree with you, sorry. It was a pen, but no way was it a red card.

Plus, it was just one decision that didn't go your way. There was plenty of time for your players to change the result, and they couldn't do it. You can criticise the referee (and I do that all the time), but spurs fans should be questioning their own players too in my opinion.

Now, if the referee had missed THREE blatent pens, that would be a different story...

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