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14 October 2009


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I probably do care but not that much. As a home season ticket holder a bit more consistency would be nice but at least we get notified a few months in advance - try to go to a game in Spain or Portugal and the exact times and dates over the weekend are not sorted till a couple of weeks before.

Regular away fans would care I guess having to put up with some terrible unsocial journeys.

When I was younger I would have preferred the differing times. There was over a decade (1975-1990) when I could not go to matches because I played myself on Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings. A few sunday afternoon kick offs would have been handy.


I'm sorry, but I find it funny a complaint about matches being shown on television, haha. But that must be because it's not my reality going to matches, but depending on TV to watch it.
Anyways, I always thought unfair the thought of 'if you have it on TV, you're not going to the stadium'. It's different atmospheres. If you want to attend a match, you'll go regardless it's playing on TV as well. Considering you got the money and all that.
Alright, I'm not in the UK, so I'm sorry if I'm talking nonsense ;-)


I'm horrified to discover how poor the television coverage is in the UK.
I live in Australia and Fox sports make full use of 3 channels with active content to show every single premier league match for the entire season live with the occasional exception if a fixture is re-sheduled.
ESPN & SBS take care of the champions league matches which are sometimes shown on delay.
Last season I was able to watch every single chelsea league and champions league match.
I can not believe how poor the coverage is in the league's host nation. I was considering visiting England for a year to witness a large number of EPL matches and I'd be horribly disappointed if i couldn't watch the matches that i didn't attend in person on the TV.

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