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28 January 2010


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Chris (Eastern Blues)

Hey there, Russell. Thanks for including my comments on last night's game. I'd be happy to contribute my views on a regular basis if you're interested in having them!

I find the current confusion among our supporters and the press as to whether we have been playing 4-3-3 and 4-3-2-1 intriguing. It seems that, like under Hiddink at the end of last season, we're playing asymmetrically: one side drifts wide to stretch the opposition defence (last night performed by Joe, although usually Nico's job when Drogs is on), while the other stays inside creating space for the full-back (hence Ash's goals this season, in particular).

Ivan's done well enough in Bos' absence to warrant his spot in the first XI, providing a greater threat from set-pieces, but the latter's return will definitely give us more pace down the right. There's plenty for Carlo, and our opponents, to consider.


This blog rarely does match reports,but when it does they are fantastic.Props for the idea.
On the match I was actually expecting a draw and frankly I was more worried about this match than the ones we are going to play against Liverpool and Arsenal,we performed well and deserved that score.I second those saying that with 4-3-3 we are much better although we have yet to test it against world class teams,we'll get that chance against Inter Milan I guess.I also think that we should have used some subs earlier,and I'm curious as to why isn't Kakuta even on the bench these last matches,I'd love to see Borini get a chance,Sturridge gets them all,last time I've seen him he looked hungry and that was good.MoM for me is Malouda,not for his early goal but for his whole performance.Deco looked awful to me but I guess I'm somewhat biased.



I don't know what game you were watching to think Deco 'looked awful.' He was absolutely key to the way we played, both defensively and attacking.


great reviews. i'd be glad to give another US fan opinion any time you want it. just email me.

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