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09 March 2010


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Alex Ferguson

Any stats on whose got the most medals ??


United fan here (thanks NewsNow) and whilst it's nice to see Scholes appreciated, I'd like to make a couple of points about your comparison between him and Lampard.
Firstly that Scholes has been playing in a much more deep lying role in the past 4-5 years so he can't be expected to score 20 goals a season like he used to.
Secondly Lampard takes penalties and free kicks, Scholes does not. That immediately skews the stats somewhat. Imagine how many more goals Scholes would have if he took set pieces and how many fewer Lampard would have if he didn't.
In any case I'm not coming on here to have a go at Lampard, just pointing out that stats can be misleading. I'll freely admit that Lampard has been a better goal scorer than Scholesy, although as a red, I'll obviously say Scholes is a far better player!


How many penalties has Lampard scored vs. how many penalties Scholes has scored would perhaps be a fair stat to put in there somewhere, since you are comparing them.


Can you subtract deflected goals whilst you're there.


As a box to box midfielder - tackling, energy midfielder I would give that to Lampard.

But as a finisher and an attacking midfielder - playmaking, accurate passing, technnique, finishing, there is no comparison, Sky sports showed how much ability Scholes has with his goals coming from his left foot, head, 6 yard box, he is a one-off. Regarded as the best by zidana, davids, henry etc. Lampard isn't fit enought to lace his boots. Half of lampards goals are penaties he can't finish like Scholes


@thecat: A ManU fan criticizing other teams for goals from deflected shots, how adorable.

J Spencer

Try comparing them to OG. What a player.

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