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23 March 2010


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Marko Mitrovic is also an encouraging prospect, but I don't expect him to get there due to our (recent) history with young players. he has that Drogba-like build and touch. McEachran, Clifford, Bruma, Aliu Djalo and Tore are the bright ones, and judginmg by recent performances they deserve a first-team place!!! Aside from that, the others are pretty ordinary at best. Sam Walker, our keeper, has only conceded once in the campaign, but then again, he has not been tested at all. Potential is there, but we HAVE to give them ENOUGH chances. 5mins at the end of every match is not enough. 3-4 starts a season, + 7-8 20min minimum substitute time will help their development ten fold and show which ones do fit the grade


Shay - thanks very much for your thoughts! You don't mention Sala - did I misjudge him?

You are absolutely right re. the need to give them a chance. There have been plenty of opportunities to give our better younger players (Sturridge, Kakuta, Bruma etc) more of a chance but it just hasn't happened. Bringing someone like Sturridge on for 4 minutes - especially when in a losing position - is unfair and can do nothing for the confidence.

There needs to be a real shift in attitude at Chelsea about youth - hopefully it will happen next season.


As good as Sala is, I think comparing him to Stoch, Stoch is the better, with more deadly pace and a goal-scoring instinct, that is why I did not add him, but he too has good talent. I look 4-5 years from now, I doubt these guys will be in the starting 11. I would like to see Carlo change the youth setup now, surley Kakuta is a much better option than a Deco? In all his appearances, he has more effect than a Joe Cole, and Deco. Ballack is just a burden player, offering nothing more than numbers, where as a McEachran and Clifford have the Essien-like work ethic and talent to bout. We have always had talent at Chelsea, but never a desire to use them. In that respect none can beat Wenger. We have the same talent, if not better, but actauly need to use it. If you want to make an omlette, you have to break some eggs. If we want a bright future, start now, even at the expense of the seniors, after all, we can't do much worse, can we?


I think you're right that it's unlikely that many from this youth side will 'make it. I reckon a football changes hugely between the age of about 16 and 20 and, in most cases, you won't know their true potential until the end of that time.

That said, you've got to hope that one or two of the youth players can replace the likes of Kakuta, Stoch, Bruma and Hutchinson as the young players on the periphery of a 1st team chance over the next couple of seasons.

Paul W13

Sala has been disappointing up until the second half of this season when he's suddenly developed into an excellent midfielder. His vision and calmness are remarkable.

The current best players in the team are Tore, Bruma, Kaby Djalo, Sala and Mitrovic. However, when you take age and experience into account, McEachran, Deen-Conteh, Rohan Ince and Mills-Pappoe are just as good, if not better, prospects. Everyone of them has the ability to succeed at the top level.

I've been watching Chelsea's youth and reserves week-in, week-out for 3 years now and this team is far, far superior to the one that lost to Man City in the Youth Cup Final a few years back. The thing that best sets these kids up for bright futures is that they also play fantastic football with first team style formations and drills, unlike most youth teams who just lump the ball forward and try and kick people off the pitch.


Arsenal pissed all over Chelsea in the 2 nil victory in the first league game. you had a good draw playing no mark outfits like blackburn and charlton. Plus youve spent at least 15 million on a foriegn youth team and none of them will get near the 1st team. unlike arsenal.....


I am always amazed at how quickly we judge kids rather than give them time to grow up and become better players

If a kid is 19-20 and not a star, we seem to judge them as failures and terrible


Arsenal hardly 'pissed all over' Chelsea last year. Bruma played in neither of our games this season, we had 3 out in that game and 5 out in the 0-0 return where we had 2 disallowed.

If Arsenal's youth were so good this year they wouldn't have gone out of the cup 3 rounds ago losing 2-0 at home to Ipswich, having only scraped through to that round at home on pens against Crewe. Ipswich went on to lose at home to Fulham, who then lost at home to Villa in the quarters. Seems like everyone's better than Arsenal youth this season.

J Spencer

Arsenal also pay the highest wages for youth players. If you take into account the entire squad, you have some of the highest wages in the league. Just a thought.


in terms of spending i doubt chelsea has spent much less the arsenal on foreign youth. remember arsenal has had a head start as well in terms of training facilities. Alot of the money spent went towards building cobham.

this years team is amazing, having bruma at this level is like cheating almost, he is just way too good. he is basically a fringe first team player/regular reserve player who is playing cause he is still only 18(19 this year though) .

quite a few of the players in the youth cup side are regular reserve members these days as well. In terms of reserve level i doubt chelsea has the same quality as arsenal but they are getting there.

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