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16 March 2010


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Unsurprisingly, another negative article.

And don't give me "realist" BS, it's not realism, it's pessimism for the sake of it.


Stephen - thanks for your comment. Bit confused though. I haven't actually suggested that Chelsea will lose, have I? All I've said is that, should Chelsea lose, it could be a very bad omen for the rest of the season - and listed my reasons why. I actually think I've been quite fair in my praise of Chelsea's strengths and criticism of failures so far this season.

As it goes, I think the game is very finely balanced and should be fascinating for the netural. For the rest of us, nail-biting.

Great that you're positive going into the game. Where will we win it?


I think you sum up our inconsistencies very well indeed - good article. Can anyone say that we go in to any match with the confidence that we had under JM - we are capable of giving games away now that we always one before. We could demolish Inter tonight or.... and that's the inconsistency that you highlight


should of course be "won" and not one duh!!

shud qualify some how....doent matter how....be it a Lucio OG...

syed master

i really hope chelsea win this game....in term of player...both club have a lot quality player....but they have Jose Maurinho...great manager...with the ability to read the game...read the opponent weakness and exploit it....something that carlo missing...carlo tend to stick with early game plan...even if its doesn't work...but i still believe if the player are on top tonight...we will beat them...



People we will win tonight as I have studied videos of Inter Milan and have pinpointed their weaknesses.

Chelsea to be 1-0 up at half time and to score 2 more in the last 20 mins when they get tired.

3-0 Chelsea.


We should have never fired The Special One. Good win for Inter over a surprisingly near lifeless Chelsea. Aside from a couple of penalty appeals, Chelsea just couldn't produce tonight.

Another year, another disappointment in Europe.

Damn it!

And Terry needs to stop crying to officials and telling them it's their fault. He needs to be more concerned with not letting Eto'o cut straight through the middle for the goal. So disappointed with Chelsea right now. I'm lost. I'm awaiting a trophyless season as I'm sure the team will fall apart after this.

Syd master

to be honest...inter are the better side in this game...in the first half we play better than second half but inter back 4 are solid...especially lucio and maicon...

once again jose exploit the weakness in carlo tactical approach...we lost the game when zhirkov are sub with kalou...its true we need better option in front to get a gol..but after that inter control game completely...

and yeah...Jose Maurinho should never be fired in the first place.....


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