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01 July 2010


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I think getting rid of these players is necessary for the club to mantain a reasonable wage bill. I am not sure if we are going to sign anyone. Yes we do have some exciting youngsters coming thru but to put our souls on those kids will be sucidal to be honest especially in the central midfield where we have lost the likes of ballacks, Deco, Balleti (at times). With Essien injury not certain to recuperate in time for the next season i would love at least two central midfielders in the mould of Oezil and Swanstiger those two will improve our squad massively. We also need another striker but we are not desperate. I would buy Lukaku and loan him back for a season.

J Spencer

I'd honestly be fine with selling Cole and Terry for the right price. I want us to have our wage bill under control again and not be 'that club' which Man City is trying out right now. It works for the short term, but in the long term a team with a good youth setup and enough money to bring in a Star player to fill gaps in the team is the best method imo.

Right now we seem weak in Central Midfield and the 2 in our 4-3-2-1. People saying we need more than that aren't looking at our youth which for the first time has me really excited. I may owe Arnessen an apology. Schweinsteiger and Ozil would be fantastic, but only at the right price and right wages. I only liked the idea of Silva when he was 20-25M. He's a good player, but Man City have over paid. I have a feeling the players we are interested in are still in the world cup, so lets try to relax for the next week.

A McCafferty

Agreeing with the posts above-I think Ozil would be a fantastic addition to the squad, playing in the vacated Joe Cole role and adding a bit of that 'something extra'. Having said that, with the world cup he's had his price has probably skyrocketed. Another point-with the world cup, I expect transfers are being put on hold as players concentrate on the tournament, especially as the only team I can recall having made a big purchase so far being City.


thanx guys for chillin me down i am also a huge fan of Sanchez and i hope chile getting out of the competion will give us a good price.

bridge fan cfc

unfortunately sanchez will be at man united next season. He has already stated his desire to join them. giving the youngsters kakuta, borini, bruma and matic all a taste of 1st team action will be highly beneficial for chelsea in the future. Stoch was sold possibly as he was looking for guaranteed 1st team start and new something we don't in regards to incoming personell. While i personally believe the addition of 2 or 3 of an aguero/pato, rafael VDV, shweinsteiger and oezil would see chelsea back in the box seat come the start of the season.


Personaly i think we Just need a good midfielder to replace Ballack and belets, Kakuta will fill the cole viod easily in my opinion.

my main concern is someone to partner Drogba, while anelks has been a good worker at chelsea I still think someone with a bit more omphhh is needed, What chelsea have lacked is PACE and we need some soon...

Ian Ezra

Yossi Benayoun has inked a 4-year contract, He is a match decider, he can open up tight defences. For me Carlo Ancelotti is very clever when he buys players, this is going to be probably Chelsea's best signinig in the lst 3 years, Fans might be surprised but believe me, BENAYOUN offers something diffrent and he is not afraid going into tackles he has Chelsea blood all over i cant wait to see him in action. Something tells me he is going to be a huge influence season 2010/2011 MARK MY WORDS!


Benayoun was an excellent player at West Ham, but has only shown glimpses of his ability at Liverpool. Can't see Roman paying through the nose for Schweinsteiger and Ozil, so bring on the kids that's what I say! Can you imagine winning the title with a team full of home grown talent? The satisfaction in that would be greater than all the other three titles put together!

J Spencer

Interestingly Ozil only has one year left on his contract... I'm not worried about competing with Man United and all their debt for players. I wouldn't be surprised if they don't bring anyone else in. It's the other Manchester I am worried about. Yossi is only good as a super sub in my opinion and his wages are lower than Joe Cole's, at least that is probably the way the club looked at it.

erland johnsen

not sure that the matthew harding stand fans will get on with yossi benayoun considering they chanted 'yiddo yiddo' at him both home and away last season and are mostly a bunch of ignorant morons. I think he will be a decent signing but i would love to see ozil at the chels.


What about Kun Aguero? I think Benayon is only going to come in and be a super sub. His speed would make him lethal to tired defenders. I could see him replacing Anelka after 60 or replacing Lampard if Chelsea is up 2 goals (for injury protection). Kun then could come in and play on the right wing.

Right now Ozil wouldn't start and I can't see him rushing to England to sit on the bench. Plus, as McCafferty said his value right now is sky high. Chelsea should wait 1 year and then bring in Ozil to replace a then 32 year old Lampard. Lampard is solid but he can't be a CAM for much longer.

What about Chelsea moving Essien to RWB and starting Mikel at CDM. Essien seems wasted as a holding mid and Mikel deserves #1 time.

Cole and Terry really seem like cancers and I'd love to move both. Move Terry to Real (and get cash plus Garay) and move Cole to Barca for cash plus Alves. Then the back 4 would be Essien, Garay, Ivanovic, and Alves.

Velamuri Anirudh

Well, Ballack provided a great deal of service for us...and I would like to thank him for his contribution. His leaving is justified. Lowers the wage and the age bills, and also leaves room for Mikel and kids like Cork, Josh McEachran, Matic and Sala to vie for the spot.

Joe Cole's wage demands were a bit too much, and considering he was mostly a sub for Carlo...Yossi fits in the same bill with almost half the salary.

Belleti was the perfect squad player, and versatile. He;s left and may luck be with him. Tailor made replacement for him is Mancienne. Also versatile, young and a youth product. He'll be useful. :)

Deco leaving ain't something we shouldn't be surprised at. He's a good guy, and I hope he'll prosper back in Brazil.


We have made a sell of three consecutive players. (J. Cole, Bellet and Ballack) and we need replacement for sure.

For me Ozil is the right player to feature in before the start of the season. This treasury of young players are important but should not be given full role they need more time to gather experiece.

Fernando Torres is another player to sign to assist Drogba.


it's ok we are still stronger than the rest


essien is back thats good

my football blogs

Chelsea are not the force for spending of old but they still have the same squad they bought all those years ago.

I really think they will be hard to beat today.


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