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18 November 2010


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Its Chelsea's fault when our players play, It's Chelsea's fault when our players don't play, they might as well blame Chelsea for WW2.


You obviously know which way the wind blows in english football and no you're not being humerous you're being accurate.

Last nights clumsy performance by the northern england 11 + a couple from arsenal was testimony to the bullshit sprouted by most of the so called english football community -- the alan green and mark lawrenson 11 -- all good northern chaps from the home of english football

J Spencer

This really made me laugh. I made the exact same comment to a friend. I honestly don't know why they don't just retire. They are clearly more patriotic than I am, because if I was booed that much I would just stop playing and let the 'paying england fans' have the team they want. I'm really looking forward to the inevitable 'Wilshere is so much better than McEacrhan' debates already.

No clue how Cole puts up with it. Not only is he an English starter (which gets you booed this year) but he left (beloved) Arsenal for horrible, cheating, Chelsea because he's a $ whore, his marriage ended with Miss England because he's a cheating douche and his scandal has been read by everyone in Europe. Good god if I was him I might retire (or go play in the US where he'd make millions while being out of the spotlight). Gotta give the kid tons of credit for the crap he puts up with.

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