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15 November 2010


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Josh H

Once we get Terry, Alex, Lamps and Essien back (which hopefully should be in just a few weeks -- right before we play Everton, Spurs, Man U and the rest) we will right the ship. But I think it's painfully obvious we need to spend a little in January.

BTW: Glad to see you back to writing!


couldn't agree more. and what about carlos subs?

good to have you back posting


it is quite unfortunate we lost the way we did, it is no surprise cos the writing has being on the wall for quite sometime, we keep on patching the wall until it was finally demolished. Hope our regular returns soon to salvage things.


"Realistically, the game was lost because too many senior players didn’t play to potential. Chelsea haven’t really played well since the first half against Blackpool back in mid September..." this is so true.even all the senior players(except mikel and cech) were shit, especially drogba.anelka, kalou,cole,malouda, were all flat.am the biggest fan of drogba but he was supposed to prove his worth more yesterday and stand out(as he had the band), but he was shit.ancelloti was the biggest shit.


ancelotti keeps fielding ramires because he wants to prove he didnt throw 17m away but clearly josh will do a more decent job.that kid is smart, tidy and spreads possession brilliantly.this is the stubborness scolari showed that cost him his job and dented his dignity.ancelotti refuses to buy players, that further confirms how daft he is.he cant win the league or CL with this bench.funny he has faith in players like kalou,ANELKA,ramires,ferreira,and even drogba to win the champions league

J Spencer

Zhirkov and Malouda should have switched places. Malouda played in midfield last year, he's also stronger and would have been less like a winger playing in midfield. Zhirkov has a lot going forward, but he isn't strong enough to play against people like Catermole. Bruma also should have started. If he isn't good enough to play, he shouldn't be on the bench. Either we play him or we sell him on. Mikel was about the only bright spark for me. He was immense! It also seems like Cech is officially back. I just hope that the tactics that didn't work against Liverpool or Sunderland aren't used in our next game.

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