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BBC Chelsea news

Summer 09 linked players list

Even before Ancelotti's arrival, Chelsea were being linked with pretty much every top player under the sun. Almost all of those moves will never happen, but I thought it might be an interesting exercise to try and keep tabs on what players we are linked with versus which actually happen.

Will keep this page updated and, just for fun, post a rating out of 10 against each player, where 10 means a move to Stamford Bridge is a nailed on certainty.

Summer 09 the transfer gossip story so far

Players linked with a move to Chelsea:

Aguero (3 – too pricey)

Tevez (2 – staying in the north)

David Villa (5 – probably available but will likely stay in Spain)

Ribery (2 – too pricey and will go to Real Madrid)

Kaka (3 – will go to Real Madrid)

Glen Johnson (4 – is looking a much more complete player, but no)

Marko Arnautovic (6 - supposedly a promising player, go on then)

Yuri Zhirkhov (8 – done deal, type of player we need)

Pato (3 – too expensive)

Arnautovic (4 - looked likely, but gone a bit quiet of late)
Dzeko (6 - young player, big impact in Germany. Yes please)

Stephane Sessegnon (4 - isn't he a central midfield player?)

Burdisso (2)

Adebayor (5 – can half see it happening)

Alonso (1 – please god no)

Ibrahimovic (2 - Inter quoting extortionate prices and don't see the point unless Drog leaves)
Maicon (1 - too expensive and lord knows why we'd sign another RB)

Pirlo (4)

Moussa Dembele (1 – who?)

Sturridge (4 - out of contract and supposedly promising youngster, yes please)

Fabregas (1 - just won't happen)

Van der Vaart (4 - linked with a few times, so could happen. Don't need him)

Ashley Young (4 - pacy winger, yes please. Likely to be overpriced)

Beckham (1)
Mexes (3 - even if Ricky leaves, we might not need reinforcements)
Torres (0 - this just won't happen)
Jonjo Shelvey (5 - reports suggest this is a done deal)
Ross Turnbull (4 - can see this happening. Need a backup keeper and he's still young)

Have I missed any of the gossip? Let me know by posting a comment and I'll add to the list.


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Rafael van der Vaart (Daily Mail), Ashley Young (The Sun back in May). Have also seen reference to Beckham - please tell me that's a joke. Lots of papers talking about us selling Malouda - surely not after he's just started playing properly????

If we spend 18.5 on Glen Johnson I might involuntarily gouge my eye out. Consider we sold him for 4. Has he gotten that much better and I missed it?

sturridge is supposed to be a done deal.

i agree with you..
why we need another right full back??
we have another player that can play that position..

syd_master, Roger - thanks both for your comments and for stopping by the site!

Aside from the RB position, many of the players we are supposedly going after don't make much sense to me. Can only hope that much of this (esp. Alonso, Gattuso and extortionate RBs) is just senseless paper talk....

Looks like Strrudge is done. Haven't seen much of him play aside from the odd appearance off the bench for City but he's talked about very positively in the papers. Beginnings of a new youth-focused policy, perchance?

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