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11 August 2009


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So far... there are very encouraging signs from Mr. Ancelotti. For one during the Community Shield he made some excellent adjustments in the second half and essentially won a game that with Scolari last year we would have lost. With the exception of the Rooney goal we played a very solid half. If he is able to do that for the remainder of the season we are going to be in good shape.

Second, I think what I like best about Ancelotti is during his time at Milan he rarely complained about not having players. He made due with what he had. I think he is taking the same approach with Chelsea. Scolari complained he so desperately wanted Robinho, and when it didn't happen it seemed the wind came right out of his sails. Ancelotti knows how to win with the crop of players he is given.

Of course as you say... logic and football rarely follow each other... time will tell

think this is a really interesting perspective - one i hadn't heard before.

having said that though - i think that winning just one championship in 10 years (with juve and milan) still isn't really good enough.

arsenal haven't not won things just because they've not spent - it's also because they havne't spent in the right places. shoudl be relatively simple for them to bring in more experiencd midfield enforcer and defender, for example.

maybe ancelotti didn't buy the right players at meelan...

Michael - thanks for the comment, and also as I think it was you who provided the original inspiration for the post!

Glad that there are people out there more positive about next season than I. One point that you are dead right on - his lack of complaining about (probably) very trying circumstances at Milan. I'm sure Roman, who seems to be re-engaging, sees that as a definite plus.

Chelsfan - I'm with you, totally, being the pessimistic person I am. And the players we've been rumoured with - eg. Pirlo - haven't really appealed to me personally so I question as you do whether he's made the 'right' signings.

As Michael says though, the guy's won two European cups so he can't be all bad, and his man management skills are top notch.

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