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09 November 2009


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Michael Hepp

A couple of time I felt if Rooney had done a better job passing the ball ManU would have scored. There was one clear chance in the first half where all he had to do was flick it to Anderson and they would have scored. Exclusive of those chances however United lack the scoring threat without Ronaldo. If Rooney was to get hurt I am not sure they would score at all.

It was a very tense game to watch and in reality it was a very scrappy game. Sometimes winning ugly is a good sign though as you pointed out.

I also think Deco is not doing well. I thought Ancelotti waited too long to sub Cole in for him. If we are to pick up anyone in the January window I hope it is someone that can play the top of the diamond. Kaka played that position beautifully for Ancelotti in Milan and we need someone to play it for us now.

Jon Bee

Well here's one thing that this game taught me about betting on sports matches: don't do it from the Netherlands!

If you placed a bet on this game then check out this article from the Right2Bet campaign - http://bit.ly/eIw9r - it's an analysis of how much money you could have lost even if you WON your bet, because of EU law stopping people getting the best odds on sports betting... sign the Right2Bet petition if you agree that this is crazy!

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