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10 November 2009


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you forgot pato.
but other wise great artical, i to believe we will be seeing a few new faces in january, although if we keep all the players we have and don't get any injurys i can see us only needing 3 more players
(striker - pato/Aguero. rm/rw and maybe another CAM (or top of dimond player) and maybe a loan deal for a CDM)


Chelsea hav 2 buy, no matter what. We need an absolute attackminded midfielder 2 compliment our strikers.

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invincible chelsea with Frank ribery


If the ruling is not overturned and we don't purchase any players this would be catastrophic for us.
I'll keep my fingers crossed as I'd like to see Aguero in Chelsea(http://www.studs-up.com/comics/2009-11-06.jpg) . David Villa is not as young as I'd like (27) and I'm afraid Ribery may end up being an overpriced flop live Shev.


well i cant say nun much as we doh have time bcuz we are banned from signin players in summer for 2 more windows we should only make 4 more signings and that is all. we should take rodwell(everton),aguero(atl.madrid), pato(ac milan) and johnson(middlesbrough). we should buy young stars bcuz d squad is already old. and we have a couple already with the like of Sinclair, di santo and bruma

cfc fan supporter

i think aguero,pato and di maria will confirm go to chelsea this january.i think ribery will not go to chelsea because real madrid has make a big bid for his.


aguero,ribery and a.young


I can't wate to see aguero wearing chelsea jesey.come on chelsea go and get him.


A really good read. I would say that Chelsea have made the appeal as they see that they have done nothing wrong and it does coincide with the January window. If Chelsea want to go into the market to buy new players then prices will be inflated & not just because of last summer with Madrid paying out silly money for players, because we are Chelsea and everyone knows we have money.

The problem is who do we bring in. Once the African Nations come back we pretty much have back to full strength the best squad in the Premier League already so who could come in and make a position in the side their own?

Don't forget Joe Cole is back (make sure you check out my website and my article about Joe here http://www.chelseadaft.org/2009/10/joe-cole-key-to-our-success.html) and he will have a major part to play. I prefer Joe to Ribery any day.

Drogba commands his place in the side and his form makes him a dead cert to start. Anelka has pretty much cemented his place so who can come in and make the difference?

I see your point about the future, but Lamps, JT, Drogba etc have all signed new deals so we are ok for the next 3 or so years.

So not really sure we need anyone.


defintely will need at least 2 talented players but they have to be young for the long term future, Ribery, Villa and co. are all over 26 and thats too old, what they need desperately is an attacking midfielder who can do the business and put less pressurre on Lampard, Ballack and Essien, this is Chelseas weak link at the moment.


what we need is a dead ball specialist! we are crap at corners and free kicks! and the ones we do score are controversial, how many times have Deco and Lamps hit the first man with their free kicks??? With our current setup would rather ballack took them but overall definitely our weakest point. considering the possession football we play and the fouls we get, i think that's the thing that would make us champions.

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