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07 December 2009


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He was awful, in fact so was Jon Champion.

One thing I have begun to do this season when watching the game on TV is to just turn the sound off.

Not only is your blood pressure reduced by not hearing the sensationalist nonsense they all spout but you actually get the ability to form your own opinions back.

Tom R

Coming from an American who has no option but to deal with ESPN - buckle up. This is just the tip of the iceberg. We get about five channels of ESPN and the count downs, laughable "experts" and general over-the-top antics is something that never goes away. Just be glad you don't have Tommy Smyth.


I can't believe I have seen this! I was at my whits end on saturday with Joe Royal's comments. As a Chelsea fan who attends 12+ away games every season, I didnt manage to get a ticket for this game as by 7.10am on the monday they went on sale, all the tickets had sold out. Mr Royal with no substance to his comments said what a wonderfull crowd had packed in to watch the game...wait for it..... apart from Chelsea for NOT selling their allocation as there is a large section in the away end that has not sold!! Piss off Royal, that is called segrigation you toss pot. Lots of decisions went against Chelsea in this game, which I accept happens from time to time, but to hear Joe knob head Royal rubbing it in every time made me want to trash my TV. Rant over... but I hope you die you twat! Hope im not being to harsh, but it is 48hrs after the game and I have still got anger issues


Absolutely. I'm pretty thick skinned when it comes to taking flak over Chelsea, or just listening to it (I'm a Chelsea fan, born into a Catholic Irish family and I manage an Irish Pub), but the stuff Royle seemingly couldn't help but let dribble down his chin and all over his sky blue shirt was an absolute embarrassment to both ESPN and himself.

Enough to make me reconsider whether I'd pay for ESPN coverage when I can watch the game online in Arabic/Mandarin/Polish where at least I can't understand it if and when the commentary stoops to that low level.


Thank gawd i wasn't the only one.I didn"t want to say to much to my mates about the Ref??? and that doughnut royal for fear of being told i was a sore loser, but i am glad to read the comments and agree with everyone.


Joe Royle,s comments were an absolute disgrace, I,m used to the usual anti Chelsea bile but this was completely beyond the pale, the worst I have ever heard.He should never be employed by ESPN again.


A big mention should also go to Graeme "Is it 2 yellow cards or 3 before I send the Croatian off" Poll for the wonderfully biased crap in the Daily Mail!
But the best advice is just ignore it ... and make sure you scream a big F#CK YOU to all of 'em when we take back the title in May!!


I was thinking the exact same thing! I'm not a fan of ESPN so far, the lady in the tunnel telling Howard Webb to 'take it away' was embarassing for all concerned (especially the ref I assume) and the whole show feels too American for my liking. Writing this or that player was linked to a move to Chelsea at some point in the last five years also adds nothing to the spectacle (who hasn't been linked with Chelsea?). With a game like this you want the football to do the talking and be the star of the show, not pointless facts, gimmicks and not shockingly biased ex-managers. I feel a letter of complaint building up...


And one other thing... With all the extra gimmicks ESPN are ramming down our throat, how about an option to switch off the commentary? I watched the first half of Genoa vs. Parma on the same channel on Sunday and for a large period of that game the (sole) commentator disappeared. Why could that not have happened on Saturday?


Welcome to our world. As a City fan I don't think I have ever watched a game co-commentated on by Craig Burley or David Platt where they have ever offered a positive comment on City at any time. I think you just have to accept that co-commentators are biased and usually talk a load of rubbish. It wasn't long ago that Royle was trying to sue City for unfair dismissal but I guess he still has blue blood. If Jason Cundy happened to work for ESPN I imagine you would love his expert analysis, although personally I think he is as irritating as one person can be.


Thank feck i wasnt the only one calling Royal all the names under the sun and at one point almost hurled my new telly out of the window due to the pointless w*nk coming out of his excuse of a gob! I also agree with Chris...what the f*ck is that woman doing in the tunnel with the players?!?! Felt like screaming,'Its not a fecking catwork you idiot'!!
I'm advocating we bombard ESPeeN with some 'feedback' for the shyte they've served up so far..

Chris Bladon

I've tried that Tim, their feedback section doesn't work - how convinient! Also, I'm not sure too many Chelsea fans are actually fans of Jason Cundy's broadcasting skills either...

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