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04 September 2009


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I wish Kakuta played for the first team at least. Seems stupid to go through all this over a reserve...Also didn't this happen with that young defender we got from Italy? Where Romes himself flew his chopper to the training ground?

one winner

The previous comment are obviously made by a cfc fan who does watch the reserves or youth team, Kakuta has an amazing talent, had he not broken his leg you suspect that he would have worn the blue of the first team already, in some form probably in a cup competion, he is also named in the champions league squad, albeit the fringe squad. Definetly a player we will all be talking about in the future, but for his football skills, not this insane rubbish from FIFA.


I believe Chelsea made an initial offer of £750,000 to Lens who rejected it saying that it was a 'rediculous' offer (for a 15 year old!) Also, I believe Lens were quoting £4m for the lad!
Chelsea's offer was not only realistic but also generous. How many young players of that age DO NOT make the grade by the time they are late teens.
As it was Gael Kakuta suffered a very bad injury last term. I bet Lens were sweating on him getting better! 'If' his career had been bought to an abrupt end I wonder if Lens would have offered any compensation back to Chelsea... of course not!
It is not Chelsea's fault that French law does not allow players under the age of 17 to sign a legal contract. Chelsea have done absolutely nothing that any other top European club would not have done and indeed have done in the past. FIFA should get ripped apart by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) but somehow this awful organisation will continue to operate for its own nefarious agenda methinks.

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