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21 December 2009


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chelsea absoultely played SHIT...they are lucky...to even get the penalty...if they play like this forget the title...a chance to put a 6 point lead screwed...what a shame!!!{im a chelsea supporter...just in case)

Michael "staying positive" Hepp

It is really hard to be positive right now. Maybe it was a penalty maybe not, but there was a blatant handball in the box in the first half that wasn't called so it was fair I thought. West Ham's strategy seemed to be go right up the middle of Chelsea's defense. It seemed on each attack that they had 3-4 guys just bunched up in the middle of the pitch. I think we really missed Essien in this game. Ballack as a defender right now is just not able to help the back 4. When Mikel came on it got a bit better, but still.

I think that we all knew this was going to be a tough year. At the outset we were saying that there were going to be surprises throughout the year. Who would have predicted Fulham to put 3 past Man U and without an answer. Liverpool is totally lost, so it is just tough going in the Premier League now. We need to get through the Cup of Nations with the lead and I think we can win it.

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