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13 August 2009


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I'm a City fan and agree with 90% of what you've said, nice piece.

Im a city fan too and it's nice too see
an honest and realistic appraisal of
our chances... I completely agree top 6 is a
realistic target for this season...if things gel and
and lpool or arsenal fall behind then maybe well sneak into top 4

can't see past you guys fir the title...Alonsos loss from Liverpool shouldn't be understated and u**ted are much weaker...so long as
ancelotti doesn't do a
scolari (which doesn't look likely) then you'll win it
by a clear 9 points !! IMHO

Enjoy the season...

City fan again, concur with 1st comment, fair and reasonable shout. It wo'nt be easy, but being a blue never was !

I'd just like to point out that you say we haven't been nearly so active with players leaving.... 16 players have left the club either on permanent or loan deals over the summer... you can only lose so much fat at a time.

Thanks to all the City fans for their comments. Try and be level-minded about this stuff. Its funny that football fans don't expect it from other team's blogs. Sure once the season gets going I'll get less and less objective about this stuff...

Bluenose - clearly you know far more than I do! Though I could say that Chelsea had let go 6 players - but they'll all youngsters that have never played for us and don't have much of a bearing...

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