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18 March 2010


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i won't lie, i'm not feeling psoitve at all about chelsea at the moment - think we're heading one way atm. have to say though its nice to read something trying to be more optimistic - there's pretty much just gloom and doom everywhere from chels fans


re: 4 and 5

We were missing 4 very important players... Cech, A Cole, Boswingwa and Essien.

Regardless of how surprising Ivan has been at RB, I think that Bosingwa on the top of his game is much more effective.

Three of those players are 27 (Ashley Cole is 29) so the age of the squad doesn't bother me that much. If Kakuta, Stoch and Sturridge can step up I think we're still in good shape

syd master

jose are far a better manager than carlo.......no doubt about it...

Alexander Lake

Nice article, i don't think Carlo has the same impact on the players as Jose would have had and that showed throughout Inter's performance. One thing this article does highlight is our need to give younger players a true run as they are all at an age where they can start to shine based on their form which will increase competition and performance by others who seem to start regardless of form.

Michael Hepp

I am glad to see some positivity as well. I think Jose made a brilliant move trading Eto for Ibrahimovic. I think they are much better suited to win the CL with that move. Inter is a good team and we shouldn't hold our head too low especially with the injuries at the back. The only true concerning point for me is only scoring the one goal. We were not likely to beat Inter 1-0. We have to score more to beat them and we simply did not do that.

I think that we are still the best team on the field in the PL and I am hopeful that shows in table.


"The only true concerning point for me is only scoring the one goal. We were not likely to beat Inter 1-0"

True... but home and away we were denied two of the most blatant penalties you will ever see.

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