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19 August 2009


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I posted a reply to this article that the Mail chose not to publish. In my view feeder clubs (from lower divisions) would solve many of the major problems in the game today, from bringing through youngsters, reducing the dependance upon foreign journeymen to lower-league club finances.

There is not a single problem it throws up that cannot be sorted with a few practical rules.

Was very disappointed by Samuel's hackneyd version of "what if teams get drawn against each other in the FA cup?" argument against what I believe would be a mojor step forwards.

Anelka left Bolton for Chelsea

StanStreason - thanks for your comment and welcome to the blog. Shame the Mail censored your point, think it's an interesting one. English football does suffer from home-grown players being hugely overpriced, and foreign players therefore being just too tempting a prospect. As you say, if some kind of system like this - with lower league clubs - can help younger English players become a cheaper and viable alternative, it can only be a good thing.

Pete - thanks for your comment too. You're right, and so did Ben Haim and Eidur. Didn't really consider this. But any team can buy good players. I don't think these were Bolton 'products' - surely the main benefit of a feeder club would be to pick up the younger players they produce and 'blood' existing younger players?

As I say, regardless of putting the pros and cons, I can't see that a) this partnership would happen or b) that it could be a good thing for Bolton or the league.

The gap between playing reserve team football and the premiership (let alone big 4 who cannot afford to drop any points) is just too big yet what happens when players go out on loan? They train under different systems and managers and often it does them no good whatsoever (Sinclair or Ben Sahar anyone?). The youngsters in the top teams tend to be those purchased from abroad who have already played champions league football (Essien - Ronaldo).

How many of the England under 21s have played Champions league. Hardly any because they dont in general play in the top 4 teams.

We have to do something to resolve this problem and feeder clubs where the big club can control training, tactics etc must be a help. (Although loans to Roberto Di Matteo or Brendan Rodgers are probably going to work).

ha ha ha...loving the west ham joke

you've got to hand it to their academy though

And the last Chelsea youth team product to play for Real Madrid was?

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